ArctiCare® is a unique family of products, based on berries and plants harvested from the pure and unspoiled Arctic wilderness. Due to their harsh living conditions, Arctic berries contain vastly superior amounts of active compounds when compared to the plants growing in gentler Southern climates. The purity of the raw materials and the high quality of the manufacturing process make the ArctiCare® products suitable for use in external beauty care products and ingestible cosmetics.

ArctiCare® represents a completely new holistic approach to individual well-being. Molto interessanti gli attivi da piante speciali anche in quaità organica. Junessence e Spring essence





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  • Anti - Batterico: coming soon
  • Anti - Ossidante: Gli antiossidanti terminano reazioni di ossidazione a catena intervenendo sui radicali intermedi ed inibendo altre reazioni di ossidazione facendo ossidare se stessi.
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